Urban Clearance & Scrap

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1/4 of truck £100 1/2 Skip
1/2 of truck £160 1 Skip
3/4 of truck £220 1.5 skips
Full truck £280 2 skips

Scrap metal collection - free

DE gassed air con units brought - We pay by cheque or bank transfer

£50 - a fridge

£25 - a TV

Rubble, Sand, Earth - £80 a tonne

We weigh and pay for all non-ferrous metals on site. We pay by cheque or bank transfer

Full Rip outs and light demolition (including removal) - Please call or email us for a quote.

All trucks carry "Chip & Pin" machines.


To book (or for any enquiries) free phone 0800 357 9398, call 07507 333153 or email us at info@urbanclearanceandscrap.co.uk

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Waste Carriers License - CBDU176503

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